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Our Franchisees

Our Franchisees

Our franchisees currently make up almost 45% of our total locations. Some of our franchisees have been in business for over 50 years, since the beginning! This includes the founder of the brand, who is still a current franchisee.

Our franchisee community is like family – sometimes literally! D’Angelo has a unique franchising history, with many current franchise owners being related to other franchise owners, and some having grown up in their parent’s franchise, are now owners themselves!


“I became a D’Angelo franchise owner in 2019.  My father was a D’Angelo franchisee along with several of my uncles.  I had the opportunity to see their success and passion for the business while growing up and I am proud to carry on that tradition. In my experience, the leadership team has been very supportive and understanding of how our business is run. The company is in constant communication giving timely updates and partners with the franchise community by offering updated technology opportunities, options for suppliers and marketing programs that directly impact my sales. I have been seeing continued sales growth since I have been a franchisee and look forward to providing great food and service to our guests for years to come.”

– Chris Howland

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