D’Angelo Training

“Great people define our company.” D’Angelo’s first guiding principle supports why we are always on the lookout for hospitality-minded, results-oriented and enthusiastic people to join our talented management ranks. That is why we offer an innovative Management Training Program to help individuals develop and enhance their management skills throughout their career.

The overall goal of our Management Training Program is to provide management candidates with enough information, experience and practice to become a successful leader capable of supervising restaurant operations. The five-week entry-level program covers a wide variety of learning areas, exposing individuals to all details of the business at a pace determined by the learner’s experience and motivation.

At the conclusion of the five-week program, an Individual Management Development Plan will be completed based on your specific needs and strengths. This will be the foundation for your continued growth as a leader.

We further support our Managers through a series of hands-on training workshops to help meet the demands of increasing responsibility. These programs are designed to assist in the areas of leadership and restaurant financials, along with recruiting, interviewing and selecting hourly team members. We also offer certified courses in CPR and Sanitation. Our goal is to provide the best training in the industry, and as the needs of our management change, so do the courses we offer.