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Our Food & Story

There are now over 80 locations and counting across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Each D’Angelo serves up a great variety of legendary, grilled favorites, including our signature sandwich, the Number 9® grilled steak (or chicken), sizzling onions, peppers and mushrooms blanketed by melted American cheese and served up on a soft Italian roll or signature Pokket®.

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Rooted in History

We have been New England’s neighborhood sandwich shop since 1967. We’ve been through several names, including Ma Riva’s, Angelo’s, D’Angelo Sandwich Shops and of course D’Angelo Grilled Sandwiches. But one thing has always remained the same – a commitment to making the freshest, most-delicious sandwiches.

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It’s All About the Grill

What makes our sandwiches special? The softest bread made daily and delivered fresh to restaurants every day. Our commitment to high-quality meats, cheeses and ingredients. Bold flavors like Korean BBQ, Peppercorn and Southwestern. And of course, our GRILL! 🔥 Our trained grill masters take their roles seriously and make sure your sandwich is grilled perfectly every time. We’ve been doing this for over 55 years, so we know how to make it the right way every time.

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